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Jun 06, 2014
Female user bharvey 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Hospitalized Inmates getting visits?

My husband of 23yrs is a imate in a Pennsylvania pa prison.he has 2yrs left to do but his health has turned for the worse he now is ending stage off liver failer and cancer.it has taken him down fast.I’ve wrote the judge,parole board the lawyer and also everyone that works in the prison.I am fighting to get my husband home to rest in the comfort off his own home with r kids and grandkids.its like pulling teeth getting. Any info from the doctors and nurse at the prison.u can tell they hiding a lot of info and keeps telling my husband he not allowed to see or know test results.I been waiting 2 wks for test results off what stage cancer is in liver which I no its not good his kidneys r failing his legs r so swollen with fluid and lungs.he is bleeding out he has had blood transfusions and units off platlits that’s the only reason he still alive.I am not gone away or giving up I will fight till the end for my husband who has worked his whole life and taxpayer.one wrong decision that’s all it takes put my husband in prison for 5yrs which now has turned to death sentence to him and r family.its terrible the way they treat inmates who r sick I pray every night for the ones who don’t have family to keep there eyes and ears open for them.as me being a nurse this is the hardest thing for me when I see the wrong treatments going on with my husband and trying to proof it.I feel and so does my husband they hiding things more noting I a nurse.when I call everyone is always out or in meeting so I will drive 5 hrs to go see husband then its all a different picture they act so concern.but the moment I am not there he will ask for yes to get a cup off ice do to fluid restrictions and all he gets is let me check u can’t have water…. REALLY!!!!!!!!! ice chips r not fluid where the hell u get or nursing license. smh …fighting for inmates who r sick for proper treatment…….

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