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Nov 08, 2017
Male user Pappy516 1 post

Topic: A Broader View / Do treatment programs reduce recidivism?

For the nearly 20 years in law enforcement and related organizations and members, I think the programs are only 20% successful when it comes to reducing recidivism of most crimes. There are certain crimes and criminal offenders which any program will never work, such as in the case with most sexual predator offenders, career criminals with 2 or more convictions, serial killers and most habitual thefts of all levels starting at the petty level and up! However, with that said, I do believe that first time offenders of most non violent crimes can be rehabilitated through a Boot Camp environment, which most have never lived in a properly disciplined environment before. Then once broken, like they do in the military, and retrained in proper societal protocols and a useful trade job (not a college education because they need to re-earn their place in society and civilization) they can be placed in a learn and earn program, support themselves and their families in a controlled setting (such as construction battalions, office pools, medical attendance and assistance operations, etc) doing public and private sector activities to recondition the reality of life as it should be, responsibility for your actions and well being and earning you way back to society. It is all about reconditioning those who are not yet fully criminalized. They will have to want to change their lives just like a smoker wants to quit smoking for the right reasons, not because someone says you should.
There is another issue with that 80% that are NOT programmable or recondition-able or re-trainable. A certain percentage (50-60%) will always re-offend and the real violent offenders need to disappear because they are or have become the new professors of crime in Prison U which prevents maybe another 15-20% of non violent offenders from becoming recondition-able. By disappear, I do mean execute just like cutting cancer tissue away from good tissue in any living creature!

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