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Archive for January, 2010

We Are All Brothers and Sisters

January 18th, 2010

This is a short article written by one of Desert Waters’volunteers who likes to go by the name “The Old Screw.” The Old Screw has worked for 35 years in penitentiaries in three states. You can read more of his articles at

We who work in corrections are all brothers and sisters no matter what country we live in and work for. We have similar issues to deal with in our chosen profession. Will we live through the shift? Although it is not talked about much, this is a thought in every Correctional Officer’s mind. Will we leave the shift with the same number of body parts we started the shift with, and will they still be in good condition? Will it be a quiet shift or will we have to fight? Read more…


How Do You Train for This?

January 9th, 2010

The C.O. looked tough—what I lightheartedly like to call “the testosterone overload type”—and very professional. I knew he was a veteran who had seen it all during his 13-year corrections career—inmate murders, drug overdoses, beatings, stabbings, and staff assaults. What came out of his mouth though, and the tears that periodically welled up in his eyes, told a story that is rarely voiced.

As I sat listening to this warrior-like officer, I tried putting myself in his place. I ended up flooded with sorrow for the human condition, anger at evil, and a sense of urgency to be of assistance to this individual. Read more…

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