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Where in the world are you


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Female user futureco 3 posts

San Jose,Ca Santa Clara County. I am interested in working in Corrections. This has been a resourceful website seeing how other CO’s cope with working in an institution and the stories. Its great insight

Female user futureco 3 posts

San Jose,Ca Santa Clara County. I am interested in working in Corrections. This has been a resourceful website seeing how other CO’s cope with working in an institution and the stories. Its great insight

Female user Swartz 14 posts

Hi Everyone,the WPFG is indeed a spectacular international sporting event.The event takes place every 2 years the next games will be in New York in 2011,and Belfast,Ireland in 2013.There are over 60 sporting events to partake in,so start training now!!On the 31st of May I will be participating in the Comrades Marathon it is an Ultra Marathon of 89km.This event is also referred to as the Ultimate Human Race it will be the 85th running of the race since it’s inception in 1921.This year will be my 4th run there have never been two consecutive years that the race was run in the same direction.There will be a record entry of 20 000 participants this year.This year every finisher will receive a 50mm commerorative medal the biggest ever compared to the 30 mm medal of previous years.The marathon is attempting a Guiness World Record in the category of most entries for a Ultra Marathon.The cut off time for the race is 12hrs.South Africa is also hosting the World Cup,any of you visiting our beautifull country?I will keep you updated on results and events during the World Cup.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Welcome to the zoo everyone! This is a fairly inactive site, so a lot of the “regulars” don’t check in daily. And a lot of people make a few posts and are never heard from again.

Hey Swartz, I googled WPFG and came up with World Police and Fire Games. That’s a new one on me, but it looks like a major event.

I also found a 2008 news release about the Federal Aboriginal Healing Village, and that certainly does look like a unique concept.

There’s a lot here that I’ve never heard of. Thanks for helping bring me into the 21st century……. :)

Female user Khail 2 posts

Maybe we Canadians do not work as hard…lol…KIDDING!!

Female user Swartz 14 posts

Hi everyone, it seems as if the Canadians are the only active participants on this site.

19532 1085057063396 1735490501 158429 3095518 s Smilie41 6 posts

hello everyone!!!

Male user Prisonbossa 1 post

Hi all ,I am from Chillliwack BC, ( 1hour east of Vancouver) have worked at the Federal Max now working at a Federal Aborginal Healing village

Female user Swartz 14 posts

Hi Everybody

I am from South Africa,I work at a Correctional Centre in Cape Town,I have been in the department now for 6 yrs.I have also participated in WPFG in 2009 in Vancouver,Canada.I am glad there is a site for Correctional Officials to share ideas and experiences.

Female user Khail 2 posts

Hey All!!

Iam in Canada (Alberta) I work in a Max……I am a NEWBIE only been here a year ( 2 if you count my casual work )

19532 1085057063396 1735490501 158429 3095518 s Smilie41 6 posts

Thank you Mudflap…I am a corrections officer – its a male institute doing 2 years and under. I was very young when I started there in 1990.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Welcome to the zoo, Smilie41. What is your job up there?

19532 1085057063396 1735490501 158429 3095518 s Smilie41 6 posts

Hello there; I work in corrections in Canada – Regina, Saskatchewan – I have been there for 20 years now so very young and basically “grew” up there.

Srt misc 266 Striker 34 posts

Hey hoffstyle..where at in Kansas…was stationed at Ft. Riley twice…

Male user bestinstatek... 3 posts

6 years in . I work a KCDC the third largest detention in Kentucky. I have worked my way up from Deputy to court transport. I have also made the TRT team for my department.. Oct. this year we are moving to a new detention center. Like my name Best in State…

Male user Fguard85 1 post

Greetings. 25 year C/O in Philly County,Pa. 5 more and OUT! Im interested how you all deal with contraband control, i.e. cell phones,drugs, ‘’dirty guards’’.

Male user tommo11 11 posts

Hello all, down under here. Working in a Maximum Security Remand Prison with 15 years in the job.

Male user M.Mates 2 posts

I work for the Michigan Department of Corrections as a Sergeant. I’ve been with our department for 13 years and have worked 6 facilities and 4 different security levels in the process. I’ve been displaced 2 times in the last 9 years as a result of deep cuts and closures. I have been a weapons trainer for 10 years and have also trained Emergency Health Care, SCBA, New Employees, etc…

Northwest hounded police animated avatar 100x100 90714 prznboss 44 posts

Wyoming D.O.C. where it’s about 5 degrees today with blowing snow. The summers are nice though.

Thinblueline riggsville 39 posts

Hi to everybody, I am a Corrections Sergeant with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in Jacksonville, Florida. Been with them 21 years. I work at the Montgomery Correctional Center, our County Prison. We house approximately 900 inmates total. I supervise the North Unit Housing, 2 buildings housing over 500 male inmates. I have 6 officers assigned to me. They are a GREAT BUNCH OF GUYS. They make my job easy.

Male user payabonTim 3 posts

I’m an FNG working at the penn in Santa Fe, NM. I’m an NP working the medical side. I hold the distinction of being the first provider to write an inmate up. I’m not one of those squishy feel good NP’s. I started life blue, then got into the medical side. I have only been at it about three months but I really like it. It is frustrating, I did not know I was going to be a pain specialist, I’m still not.

Prison Bucks Counti... 2 posts

Beautiful Bucks County Pa., I did 2 1/2 years and just got out, it wa not for me :0(

Male user db6566 6 posts

HMP Dartmoor,England.19 years in and counting.Some good days,some not so good all in all still like the job though.

Male user Illinois Won... 15 posts

Illionois Department of Corrections, Lawrence Correctional Center in east central Illinois. 8 1/2 years at it. Some days I love it, some days I hate it.

Male user charst46 24 posts

I am in Canon City, Colorado. Been in corrections for over 11 years. Worked in the Ad Seg facility, External Security (Perimeter Patrol or how to make circles in the dirt and get paid for it), and currently work at a medium custody facility….

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