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Do you belong to a Union?


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Male user Ky C.O.. 3 posts

Kentucky has been in need of an effective union to represent corrections for a long time. Officers are grossly underpaid (barely above poverty level) ,treated like menial wage slaves, very poorly trained, exposed to needlessly unsecure conditions. Seems like they’ll hire just about any two-legged hominid with a pulse in this state. Kentucky is somewhere around 47th lowest in pay for corrections officers in the country, I believe, much lower than neighboring states. AFSCME is trying to organize the Ky. state dept. of corrections. Remains to be seen what effect, if any, it will have, though there’s nothing to lose for trying, that’s for sure. CO’s here need representation in the face of a shabby legislature and DOC.

Male user The Bull 4 posts

I with 4000 other Correctional Officers belong to OPSEU in the province of Ontario, Canada. Yes that includes Toronto. IMO the union requires a strength on par to the Employer to be effective and as a consequence of the same, we have two large beauracracies at odds. Generally I think its a good thing, hate to think where we would be without them. However thats not to say that we don’t have are issues with membership, politics, ideologies, etc. My Employer cannot be trusted to do the right thing absent oversight from a union advesary.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

MichiganRUO, it sounds like you have that great, “no strike clause” like we do here in Ohio, it allows the State to pretty much force a contract on us, giving us nothing, because they know we have no leverage in the bargaining department.

Male user MichiganRUO 12 posts

In Michigan, almost all of our employees are union. All corrections officers belong to a union, as well as probation and parole officers. The only staff that arent union protected are supervisors, administrators, and clerical staff. Maintenance workers also are not union protected.

Our union mostly helps our case, but they do have a limited power in which to bargain for our contracts. We lost our cost of living raise for the fiscal year of 08-09. Our next cost of living raise wont take place until October of 09. With gas costs they way they are, we are not really pleased, but for the most part I would say that it helps.

Wv ground hog frenchcreekfreddy nightowl 1 post

I also belong to OCSEA. I encourage all of our members to get involved, though few do. If you’re not happy with the way things are at your chapter, then get involved. Start by attending the training OCSEA offers and get educated about your rights. Become a steward, and check the events and see if your chapter will send you to any of the conferences, which are a good way to network with other OCSEA members from other institutions and chapters. Yes, it means loss of free time, but it is for something that’s important. A wise man once said, “Be the change you wish to see.”

Male user grumpy 7 posts

afscme for state of pa workers-does nothing for us here at the juvenile treatment facility-oh it has gotten shit staff their jobs back after they flat out abuse the teenagers—I’m talking dropping elbows and knees when they are already being held down and not fighting back

they help the females get their jobs back after they fuck the inmates and bring in wire cutters—brass knuckles alcohol and cellphones

but for the everyday bullshit such as staff getting mandated for double shifts all the time, staff getting mandated for shifts that are not their classification—the lack of safety and 0 self defense training our union is shit

I think the local union president is being paid off-we get nothing accomplished-everything falls under management has the right to manage—or emergency operational needs

they take $20 from me twice a month

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

I too belong to OCSEA, and have never been a steward or anything other than a dues paying member. From what I have observed, our local chapter has become nothing more than a not-so-funny joke. They talk big, walk proud, and when the going gets tough, they tuck their tails and do what management wants done.

Male user muskrat72 2 posts

I too belong to OCSEA and was my local chapters Chief Steward at one time. Unfortunately, I found myself working on cases that did not need attention due to the Officers own ignorance. The majority of grievances on Officers that just need to mature a bit and do their jobs. However, I have had cases were Officers were on the wrong end of a vindictive supervisors mean streak. Those were the most fullfilling wins. All in all, a union is only as good as its membership. Not the leadership, the membership. You have the right to question your union officials and all that they do. Just because they are voted president does not give them the right run around like the almighty and pass judgement.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

Wow, COCSWarner you hit the nail on the head with OCSEA on that one.

Male user bhkidd 7 posts

Here in Nashville, the SEIU just started representation for our officers. They seem to be accomplishing a lot in the area of employee morale. However, they are meeting with skepticism from the old guard (5+yrs officers). I am in management, but I hope they keep the representation.

Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

State of Ohio C.O.’s belong to the OCSEA (Ohio Civil Service Employees Association). It all depends on the chapter at the institution how good or bad it is. Some C.O.’s love it, and many hate it. Take it for what it is. I don’t have a problem with our union, because if something is wrong we do have the ability to grieve it. And 9 times out of 10 if it is wrong it is fixed to our benefit. But if you get the right people in charge it can be a whole lot better or a whole lot worse. It all depends if the union leadership is pro management or pro C.O.

Male user jmonta 43 posts

Do you belong to a Union? If so, how does it help/hinder your career?

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