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Corrections or Law Enforcement


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Male user algrob 24 posts

What do you mean corrections or law enforcement. They are one in the same, we just dont get to ride around in pretty air conditioned cars at work.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Personally I prefer Corrections. You know who the enemy is unlike the Street Cop where one minute you are dealing with a supposed victim to in the next minute find out that the said victim is a wanted dangerous fugitive. We in Corrections can relax in our own way when we enter a cell because we know that the person behind the door is hostile but as a Cop you go to a House you have know idea what is behind the door. I know many Cop’s and most Think that we are Nuts to work in an environment where we are surrounded sometimes 100/1. But as I always tell them my back up is only seconds away can they say the same. So my 5c worth is give Corrections a go. Because you can always apply to be a street cop later if you find that Corrections is not for you. And if you do do decide to go Patrol you will have a base knowledge of criminal behavour.

Male user sobie01 3 posts

Thanks for your answers God Bless sobie01

Male user DOIIWebb 2 posts

Being behind the fence since graduating high school, I am a yard dog all the way. I have gone out on a few fugitive details and enjoyed the hunt. Corrections Department’s have investigators, and fugitive teams, as well as response teams(SWAT) Were as Police Dept. focus mainly on patrol with a small selct few for the other roles of a Policing Agancy. I would give Corrections a shot first.

Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Well sobie01 I will put it to you like this. I have worked both sides. I thoroughly enjoyed each of them. Unfortunately I side with going to the L.E. side of it. I am still actively a C.O. but it is strictly because the area that I am in it pays better. Being a C.O. takes a lot more out of you then being a street cop. Corrections is not a rewarding career by any means. At least on the street you get the occasional thank you and or a handshake. Been in the corrections side of the house for 3 years now and the closest I’ve gotten to that is punched in the mouth. Besides finding and arresting someone committing a felony is far much more fun and exciting, then being locked inside 2 razor wire fences with 2500 convicted felons. The choice is your buddy, and good luck. Feel free to contact me.

Female user rashia_norman 2 posts

I would rather be corrections. I believe they are both dangerous. But I think that Law enforcement is more dangerous.I do want to take BLET though. I do not want to be law enforecement.You do deal with the same type of people.

Easteregghuntcancelled 1 Igoturback 16 posts

Your going to be in law enforcement any way no matter what you pick. street cop, you get to catch the bad guys,and you some times dont know the area your in. you catch them and bring them to us. correction, we get what you catch then you leave and we deal with the sh** bags but we know are area that we work in all the time. but in both fields are great to work in. no day is ever the same. and always always watch your partners back. I’ve have talk to other officers and some went from PD’s to correction and love it and correction that went to PD’s and some want back in correction. Correction Officers make great Police Officers, everybody knows that. and the their are also great amount of good Police Officers too.

Male user sobie01 3 posts

Not sure what one. I get what ever side of the coin I talk to I have 2 months to pic before school would anyone out there change and do law instead of corrections if given another chance to start over whats the plus and minus I dont know anyone in either field Thanks

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