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That’s what friends are for

August 18th, 2009

There are moments in one’s life that are AH! moments.  That is to say, we take a quick second to look around and see that everything is in place and that all plans have come together in a harmonious intermingling.  You know, AH!




While in Nashville at ACA last week, I was presenting “You Animal! An anthropomorphic look at staff relations in corrections”.  Just as the crowd settled in, I had the AH! moment. Read more…

Training, What the...?!?

Safety and the possessed parrot

July 30th, 2009



Things are not always as they seem.  This was proven to me last week. 


The classroom that I needed to use was locked. It was easy enough to locate someone with a key.  I found the custodian in a room talking to someone who was not visible to my eyes.  Further investigation revealed that she was conversing with a large, blue-green parrot in a cage.  Read more…

Inside Out, Self Scrutiny, What the...?!?

Luck, catastrophes, and corrections

May 9th, 2009

Please note:  The following is not meant to inspire fear.  It is merely a corrections-eye collection of thoughts concerning how we deal with possible disasters.



Do you believe in luck, fate, or blind circumstances?  Do you consider humanity as helpless puppets merely doing the bidding of Agents of Fortune?  Or do we control our destinies?  If you are unsure, please consider the following.


Mark your calendars for February 13, 2029, dear readers.  On that date, the asteroid Apophis will come uncomfortably close to earth. Some people even contend that the earth may be destroyed (or at least very badly damaged) by Apophis on Friday the 13th   of that year.  Read more…

Inside Out, What the...?!?

Paradise (or pair of dice) inside the walls

May 7th, 2009

Is it worth it to you as an instructor to spend a few dollars to impart a valuable lesson?  Are you willing to tread on the edge of  absurd and flashy in order to make a point?  These are decisions that all corrections trainers must make at some point.


Some classroom exercises  can sometimes come out of left field.  A strange concept that does not appear to have anything to do with corrections or criminal justice often takes the participants off balance.  When you can bring the idea back to our vocation, it makes the lesson even more potent.


In “Paradise inside the walls”, participants will learn about contraband control and the inside economy.  All that is needed are a few pair of dice (pun intended), and some gift wrapping. Read more…

Contraband Control, Training, What the...?!?

Enjoy the apocalypse

April 17th, 2009

Potent plagues, widening war, rampaging nature, marauding meteors, alien attacks – And you thought that corrections had enough to contend with.

Despite our many challenges, we must acknowledge that we do not operate in a vacuum. Events from the outside will impact our operations, even if they never come to pass. Forecasts of the end of the world seem to prove this point.

Read more…

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