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Archive for February, 2011

Technology – Friend or Foe?

February 24th, 2011


Without a doubt, it was one of the strangest greetings that I have ever experienced. Clearly, she was transformed. Her large gray/green eyes shone brightly and her face was glowing. Her expression reminded me of the face of a child who had just opened history’s best birthday present. In a voice laden with unmistakable enthusiasm, she exclaimed, “Look at my new robot!” Her smile was

an enigmatic twist, a mingling of pride, wonder, and jubilation. 




What I saw was a gray disc methodically traversing every square inch of my carpet.  This 24 inch motorized vacuum was no thicker than a 1,200 page book and probably lighter. No, this was not a humaniform robot as depicted in an Isaac

Asimov novel. But, it certainly was a useful tool.



New tools can be wonderful. Their very existence allows us to save labor and even enjoy an otherwise mundane day. But is the future always brighter? Will the new wonders break down? Will we take for granted what was previously marvelous?

Will everyone welcome changes with open minds and arms? Read more…

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What are you looking at?: Appearances of watchfulness

February 17th, 2011

What seems to be is not always what is. Our actions are not necessarily reflective of the results.  Here is an example.


“He’s working very hard to avoid work.”



That is a familiar phrase that applies to almost any vocation.  And most of us have encountered someone like this at some time.  An instance of this is someone who buries themselves in the low priority task of sharpening dozens of pencils while the imminence of finishing the pay roll is looming.  It is sad, but it is true.  Some people will work hard on non-essentials in order to avoid harder work that is necessary. Read more…

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Discomfort can be useful

February 9th, 2011

 This story seems too strange to be real.  Yet, those who know me are aware of my reputation for telling the truth. When I got home from the ACA conference last August, there was a small bat trying to stay afloat in the ten gallon fish tank.  The goldfish was still there, but the additional creature vexed me.


The bat, clearly out of its element, flapped furiously as I used the net to liberate it from a watery doom.  Mindful of the potential of rabies, I maneuvered it into a plastic cup and released it into a dark bush.  Read more…

Self Scrutiny, What the...?!?

A cornucopia of corrections catchphrases – part 2

February 3rd, 2011

(Author’s note:  These and other corrections truisms can be found in “Wake up and Smell the Contraband” 2nd edition by LRP Press.)


Just like job philosophies, with truisms you do not have to agree whole-heartedly with every aspect.  Where those with diametrically opposed viewpoints debate, they can often nod comfortably on individual points of wisdom. Corrections truisms transcend vocational philosophies. When at the vocational buffet of advice, you have choices.  Read more…

Assessing the organization, Staff relations, Training