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Archive for March, 2009

A voice from your future

March 24th, 2009

Author’s note: If you were to receive a message from the future, you’d surely wonder how or why it could happen. For the purposes of this essay, Dear Reader, let us dispose of any theological, metaphysical, and time/space continuum considerations. Focus instead on the content of the message.

Imagine that you receive a message from the future. More alarming is that you recognize the writing style as your own. How would such a message read? Here is one possibility. Read more…

Self Scrutiny

Allow me to point out your flaws:

March 24th, 2009

Thoughts about scrutiny and self scrutiny


In corrections, that is what we do. It does not matter if your niche is custody, support, or administration. If you have at least a few years on the job, you should be able to detect carefully masked flaws in others. From there, it is easy to plan ahead for any moves that the object of scrutiny may make.

For example, off the job, I know someone who seems to operate best when telling lies. Elements of his oft told stories grow more and more fantastic with each rendering. It is oddly entertaining. Rather than yell, “LIAR!” in his deceptive face, I listen with care. Perhaps he will come clean some day and tell the truth. But I am more fixed on the possible embellishments with each telling. Read more…

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