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Archive for May, 2010

A survey about contraband

May 27th, 2010

Recently, I was invited to speak in Virginia on the topic of contraband control.  It was a fantastic experiene. I met fascinating jail professionals and enjoyed a location that was new to me.  And while I cannot fully share the actual tourist attractions or cuisine with you through the written word, I can offer you a part of the conference. 



At the conclusion of “Wake up and Smell the Contraband”, there were many who volunteered to offer answers for a survey.  Their answers follow: Read more…

Contraband Control

Would you rather be a hammer or a nail?: A look at some mock job interview questions

May 19th, 2010

It is clear that Pre-release mock job interviews offer direct benefits to inmate students and their teachers.  The former gains confidence from the successful completion of the interview itself.  The latter can attribute part of the students’ success to their abilities as instructors. 




But the indirect benefits are rarely examined.  Custody staff benefit from prisoners participating in vocational education in the same ways that programs enhance security.  A busy, productive prisoner body eases tensions in the facility.  And all prisoners are permitted to feel hope from the promise of another program that supports reintegration.  Read more…


Contraband control: Theory and practice are not enough

May 13th, 2010


Q. What has three legs but usually uses just two of them?


A. Most contraband control systems.




Consider the steady flow of contraband. It is seemingly as unstoppable as a widespread infestation. As corrections professionals, we can readily recognize that the dangers of the unofficial economy are very real.  Each of us, as an agent of stability, battle to level this playing field through the elimination of contraband.  By doing so, we work towards the ideal of achieving greater security for staff, offenders, and the public. Read more…

Contraband Control