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Dear Reader: In re bibliography

August 2nd, 2009

Dear Reader:


The following is not directly related to corrections.  In fact, it has to do with the mechanics of Foundations.  There are some minor changes that I made and I did them with the Reader in  mind


What I did was trisect my lumbering bibliography.  What was once a huge, cumbersome document is now split into three:

2000-2004 Bibliography


2005-2008 Bibliography


2009-Present Bibliography.


I was thinking that the old bibliography, a document ten years in the making, was much more difficult to use than it had to be.  It was almost like an over-indulgent drum solo in some hard rock show.  Sure, the drummer is entertaining.  But we would more likely enjoy the artistry of said drummer in smaller, more digestible bites.


So please peruse the bibs.  Take advantage of the easier format. See what I have written over the years.  And if I have not said so recently, thanks so much for reading Foundations and other Joe Bouchard works.  I truly appreciate it.





Dear Reader